Expiry Date Code Printers: Precision Printing for Product Expiration Dates

Why Expiry Date Printing Matters in Variable Data Printing

When it comes to food safety, expiry date codes play a critical role in ensuring that the products we consume are healthy and safe for consumption. The quality and readability of these codes are of utmost importance to us as consumers, and we need to be aware of how they are created.

An expiry date is the date when a product can no longer be used safely and maintain its quality. Since consuming or using a product after this date can pose a risk to our health, it cannot be sold or distributed after the expiry date. That’s why having a reliable expiry date code printer is crucial for manufacturers.

Continuous inkjet coding machines are widely used for creating these codes, and Videojet has been a global leader in this field for 40 years. Their printers are highly regarded by manufacturers and consumers alike for their quality, reliability, and readability. Additionally, Videojet has a local office in many countries, providing excellent support for all coding types.

Videojet has an extensive range of printers that can print an expiry date on your product. Their printers include inkjet and laser printers, as well as labelling machines, offering many options to suit your business needs.

In many countries, expiry date codes are mandatory on packaged food products and soft drinks, except for products in cans or highly vacuumed encapsulated packages. Having a reliable expiry date code printer ensures that you meet regulatory requirements while also providing peace of mind to your customers.

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