Continuous Inkjet Inks

Videojet is the right partner to support you in finding the ideal ink for your application. Beyond our wide range of general purpose inks, Videojet offers a portfolio of high performance inks to meet your application needs.

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  • Documents
  • Videos
  • Automotive and aerospace
  • Baked goods and tobacco
  • Beverage
  • Building materials
  • Cosmetics, personal and home care
  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical and medical
  • HDPE plastic, wire and cable

Automotive and aerospace

Substrates: Plastic, metal, and glass part marking

Videojet inks can help address your unique production needs, including specialty inks that are heat, oil, and solvent resistant.

Inks: V4248, V4221, V4215

Baked goods and tobacco


Bread bags, cookie and cracker boxes, cigarette and cigar packages and paper cartons

For customers that need a high-contrast, non-contact code that requires a solvent-based ink, Videojet low-odor inks have been specially formulated with solvents and compatible resins/dyes that are designed to not impose unwanted flavors.

Inks: : V4262, V4260, V4222

Beverage (non-returnable)

Substrates: Plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal cans, and paper cartons

To meet the exacting demands of the beverage industry Videojet has fast-dry, high-contrast, food-safe and condensation-penetrating inks to handle the high-speed lines found in the beverage industry.

Inks: V4201, V4210, V4269

Beverage (returnable)

Substrates: Glass bottles, plastic carboys, and metal kegs

Videojet condensation-resistant and caustic-removable inks are durable during refrigeration and soluble in common caustic wash solvents used in the recycling/refilling process.

Inks: V4220, V4251

Building materials

Substrates: Bags, carpet, lumber, wood products, and plastic containers

Videojet formulates inks to perform in challenging production environments. Our range includes low-odor, fast-dry and colored inks for contrast on light-colored substrates, as well as inks with resistance to acids, bases, mineral spirits, and oils.

Inks: V4262, V4214, V4216

Cosmetics, personal and home care

Substrates: Diapers, adult continence care, and paper packaging

Videojet can help you to code on virtually every package type and substrate with inks that protect and enhance your brand. Our range includes covert coding UV inks for anti-counterfeiting, low-odor inks, and cosmetic-grade inks which
act as a wetness indicator on absorbent diapers and incontinence products.

Inks: V4262, V4299


Substrates: Plastic and metal part marking

Fast-drying inks can accommodate a range of production speeds and application requirements for electronic components. And for production processes requiring them, durable, alcohol-resistant or halogen-free inks are available.

Inks: V4236

Food (retort)

Substrates: Metal cans, glass jars, and laminated plastic pouches

Videojet formulates specialized high-contrast thermochromic inks to withstand moisture and the high temperatures present in sterilization processes. These inks are designed to produce a color-changing quality assurance indicator to alert the manufacturer that the sterilization process was completed successfully.

Inks: V4275, V4276, V4237

Food (flexible packaging)

Substrates: Candy and granola bar plastic wrappers

Flexible packaging can present challenges to an ink’s adhesion due to their inherent ‘slick’ surface properties and use of various plasticizers. The formulation of Videojet flexible films/plastics inks meet strict food packaging regulations and provide optimal adhesion and code durability.

Inks: V4201, V4262, V4231

Pharmaceutical and medical

Substrates: Metal vial caps, glass vial, plastic bottles, and paper cartons

Legibility and contrast are non-negotiable when it comes to coding pharmaceutical and medical device products. Videojet’s robust ink portfolio includes autoclave-resistant, visible and UV inks.

Inks: V4257, V4258, V4262

HDPE plastic, wire and cable

Substrates: Plastic containers and wire and cable

Videojet provides the right inks for nearly any type of plastic, wire insulation, or cable jacket. Our selection includes fast-dry, UV-visible, abrasion and transfer-resistant inks with excellent adhesion to a wide variety of plastic materials, including HDPE.

Inks: V4202, V4230, V4236

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The quality of Videojet inks
Videojet inks give you high ink purity and that’s guaranteed. Behind every batch lies 100s of hours of testing and years of expert chemical engineering – ensuring the consistent gold standard our customers demand.
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The development process of Videojet inks
Our superior development process is why genuine Videojet inks consistently meet the gold standard in even the most demanding applications.
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The performance of Videojet inks
Videojet inks give you gold medal performance, which is why they provide extended uptime, trouble-free operation and consistent clean and clear codes.
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The compatibility of Videojet inks
Genuine Videojet inks work in harmony with their environment to give you guaranteed compatibility with our printers.
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The quality of Videojet inks
Videojet inks give you a gold stamp of confidence from their compliance with global, regional and local regulations. By monitoring regulatory changes, we continue to deliver high-quality, compliant products.
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Customer service and Videojet inks
We want you to buy with confidence anytime you purchase Videojet inks or supplies. Our experienced customer service team are always on hand to answer a wide variety of questions.
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Learn about yellow, soft pigmented
Videojet ink V425
Videojet ink specialists talk about the development and testing of V425, a new yellow, soft pigmented, MEK based, ink specifically designed for coding and marking applications on plastic, wire & cable, and metal substrates.
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Learn about Videojet heat-curable, MEK-based black inks
Specifically designed for coding and marking applications in the aerospace, automotive and electronics markets, these new Videojet black inks have excellent abrasion and solvent resistance when heat cured, meeting stringent military specification or Mil-Spec requirements.
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Introducing the Videojet V485 CIJ ink
Videojet ink development specialists talk about Videojet V485 ink that was specifically designed for coding and marking applications in the aerospace, automotive, and electronics markets.
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Videojet V-420 and V-528
returnable bottling inks
Heidi Wright, Supplies Business Unit Manager and Frank Xiao, Chemist introduce the Videojet V-420 and V-528 returnable bottling inks
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Videojet V-418 continuous inkjet ink
Heidi Wright, Supplies Business Unit Manager and Mike Kozee, Lead Development Chemist introduce the Videojet V-418 ink which is suitable for food packaging and capable of penetrating oily residues

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