Case Coding Inks

Videojet manufacturers a range of industrial inks to complement our ink-based case coding systems. Genuine Videojet inks offer performance benefits including improved edge acuity for crisp characters and high quality bar codes. In addition, extensive testing of the ink and printer combination helps ensure consistent, high uptime performance on your packaging line.

  • Videojet Supplies
  • Original Marsh Inks
  • Documents

High Resolution

General purpose inks for large character inkjet printers that provide good edge acuity for porous substrates.

  • Offered in red, orange, green, blue, purple and yellow. Colors can be used for easier visual identification of inventory or for branding purposes.
  • Provided in non-pressurized cans for mess-free ink delivery with a Fluids Identification Number (FIN) to help eliminate operator error at point of installation

Low Resolution

A selection of general purpose inks for large character inkjet printers that address varying needs, including porous and non-porous substrates. u000b

  • Water, alcohol or MEK-based, depending on substrate requirements

Specially formulated to provide optimal performance with Marsh large character inkjet printers.

  • Wide range of applications, general purpose as well as specialized for industry or environmental needs
  • Printable on a wide variety of both porous and non-porous substrates, including metal, plastic, poly and claycoat
  • 60 inks available , including colors
  • Available for the following Marsh inkjet printers:
    • Marsh 1100
    • Marsh 2100
    • Marsh 3100
    • Marsh 8000
    • Marsh 320Si
    • Marsh Encore
    • Marsh PatrionPlus
    • Marsh Unicorn

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