Packaging and Labeling Glossary

Integrated Solutions for Marking and Coding on Industrial Packaging

Packaging weighs-in as an indispensable and decisive element toward the commercial success of virtually any product. Investing in good packaging benefits the entire production, distribution, sales and consumption chain. Within the industry, packaging tends toward centralized production centers and high efficiency in terms of manufacturing, storage, distribution, identification and traceability.

Packaging decisions can directly impact factors such as cost and the technology used in manufacturing and distribution. Often persuading consumers on how products are consumed, packaging requires deep know-how in order to be designed successfully and preserve the product inside.

The packaging industry comprises national companies and large multinational enterprises with global resources capable of meeting the needs of markets worldwide to establish universal standards of quality, technology, functionality and trends. These large packaging entities are comprised of a complex ecosystem of manufacturers providing:

  • Raw materials such as plastic resin, sheet metal, cellulose, soda ash, suppliers of equipment and product packaging
  • Input products such as adhesives, paint, coloring agents and coatings
  • Ancillary products like caps, seals, ribbons, transports and logistics companies, designers, consumer good companies, technical and secondary training, laboratories, I&D and regulators
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