Food Packaging: A Comprehensive Guide

Integrated Solutions for Marking and Coding on Food Packaging

Videojet offers a comprehensive range of continuous inkjet, thermal transfer, labeling, and laser systems designed specifically for food packers. Our solutions are tailored to address the unique requirements of food packaging, ensuring product integrity from production to customer delivery.

Understanding Food Packaging

Food packaging plays a critical role in safeguarding food products from external factors, preserving their quality, and preventing contamination or adulteration. It encompasses various types, including glass containers, vacuum packaging, tetra pak containers, plastic packaging, tin packaging, cardboard packaging, wood packaging, long-life packaging, ice cream packaging, metal packaging, laminated packaging, and juice packaging. In certain cases, products like cereals and frozen meals are packaged using a combination of materials, such as a plastic bag within a cardboard outer package, known as “bag-in-box” packaging.

Efficient Marking and Coding

Regardless of the packaging type and the environmental conditions during filling, it’s essential to ensure clear and accurate product identification, date and lot marking, and tracking throughout the production and distribution processes. Various marking systems, including continuous inkjet printing, thermal inkjet printing, thermal transfer, and laser printing systems, are available to meet these requirements. These systems are versatile, providing permanent marks on products and packaging for diverse materials, substrates, and ink types.

Information on Food Packaging

In addition to protection and preservation, food packaging also conveys essential information such as best-before dates, manufacturing dates, batch numbers, and nutritional facts. This critical information is typically included on the package itself, added post-filling through secondary operations utilizing printing and marking equipment, or applied through labels.

Marketing through Food Packaging

Over the years, food packaging has evolved into a vital component of brand owners’ marketing strategies. Food packages on retail shelves serve as a platform for conveying printed and graphic brand marketing information. They also provide detailed insights into ingredients and health benefits, influencing consumer purchasing decisions. Similarly, at the consumer’s table, packaging information can foster brand loyalty and drive repeat sales.