Code Detection System

The Videojet Code Detection System provides an enhanced level of Code Assurance by checking for the presence of a printed code on products and packaging. The system provides an additional level of Code Assurance by adding automated inspection to traditional manual sampling.

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CompatibilityCan be used with Videojet 1520, 1620, 1550 and 1650 ink jet printers
Fault threshold settingsUser-defined or simple Low / Medium / High defaults
User-defined reject and line stop counts
Code print detection areaMaximum 0.5” high x 2.5” long
Detection capabilitiesAbsence of code, code shifted outside region of interest, clipped code
System componentsBracket, camera, beacon, stand, touchscreen user interface
CameraIntegrated lighting
No manual focus required
SpeedMaximum of 300 parts per minute or 300 feet per minute (91.4 mpm)
Substrate requirementsFlat, white/light color, non-reflecting of integrated LED lighting


Uptime Advantage

  • Simple system set-up helps reduce changover time, providing maximum production line uptime
  • Integrated lighting takes the guesswork out of system configuration, helping to eliminate fake negatives from changes in ambient lighting

Built-in productivity

  • Configurable outputs including warnings, product eject triggers and line stops help identify and resolve issues immediately
  • Quickly identify the root cause of printing errors by reviewing the improper code images stored on the system controller

Code Assurance

  • Automatic code detection reduces the need for manual inspection, freeing operators to focus on more critical tasks
  • Configurable settings include reject threshold percentages and cumulative errors to meet customer-specific quality and operational requirements

Simple usability

  • Easy to install with mounting bracket that helps ensure the camera is properly positioned relative to the print surface
  • Single vendor for printer and verification components consolidates system performance to a single point of contact


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