Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Videojet Thermal Transfer overprinters are a solution for flexible packaging. The product is coded on the packaging film before the product enters the packaging stage. It enables variable information to be written with high print quality. This increases the readability of the barcodes written on the products. In our country, it is generally preferred in sectors where horizontal and vertical packaging lines such as bakery products and snack products are used.

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Videojet Thermal Transfer Overprinter

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How Do Thermal Transfer Overprinters Work?

Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO) working principle is as follows; There is a thermal rod and a ribbon around it. It moves directly to the surface, that is, to the packaging. Then the pixels in thousands of small parts on the print head start to heat up. This heat is transferred over the ribbon, the ink melts on the surface and the desired character is created.

In Which Lines Are Thermal Transfer overprinters Used?

Videojet TTO machines; It is a machine frequently used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics industries where flexible packaging is used. Flexible packaging is used in horizontal and vertical packaging lines. The coding machine is integrated at the point where the packaging film, which comes in roll form, has just set off towards the packaging unit. In the continuation of the line, the packaging first takes its form and then the product enters into it and the mouth of the packaging is closed. Thus, the desired variable codes are written perfectly in the desired area.

Videojet Solutions in Thermal Transfer Overprinters

  1. What are the Solutions to Improve Print Quality?
    Due to the nature of the machine, depending on the working time, the printer head starts to write variable codes faintly. This situation causes codes that are difficult to understand and read after a while, and deterioration of code quality is not a desirable situation. With the iAssure technology developed by Videojet, it has created a great revolution in the sector.

    iAssure technology is read by the internal reader in the machine at the same time after the code is written and gives a warning when the quality of the codes deteriorates. Thus, production continues without any deterioration in code quality.

  2. What is the Advantage of Code Assurance in Videojet Thermal Transfer Machines?
    Accurate production date and expiration date information is extremely important for human health and food safety, as well as for the reliability of the business. Since it is an issue that is open to operator errors, the solution developed by Videojet eliminates human error and guarantees the writing of trouble-free codes.

    For example; A product with a production date written as February 30th returns to businesses as a cost burden. With the software developed by Videojet, this problem is eliminated. While writing the message, only the time and date marked by the authorized person can be written.

What are the Maintenance Intervals for Thermal Transfer Printers?

Thermal Transfer Printers are machines that do not require periodic maintenance. However, there may be parts that need to be replaced depending on usage and machine aging.

Thermal Transfer Coding Equipment Prices

The fact that the applications take shape according to the demands of the enterprises causes each application to be evaluated in its own way. In addition, machine capabilities differ from each other. Therefore, as Videojet, it is very important that we visit your production facility before sharing price information.

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