Videojet Lightfoot™ canning solution

Fiber laser technology

Easily migrate to a laser marking solution to take advantage
of increased code quality, reduced maintenance,
and no consumables

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Minimized maintenance

Traditional inkjet coding solutions have time-consuming,
costly, and often unexpected maintenance demands.
With nearly zero maintenance required for the life of the lasers,
the Videojet canning solution is a superior choice for the
high-speed beverage sector trying to prevent downtime and
surprise maintenance costs.

No consumables

Never have to worry about running out of ink and
risking a line shutdown. Laser systems require no
consumables so you never have to stock ink and
solvent again.

Clean permanent codes

Avoid code quality issues that require rework or scrap.
Fiber laser codes are precise and permanent so you can
consistently meet customer quality requirements.

Easier integration

Switching to a laser system on canning lines can be
a difficult task with standard large and heavy laser
marking heads. The Videojet laser solution features
dual Lightfoot™ marking heads that are comparable
in size and weight to Continuous Inkjet marking heads.