iQMark inks: safer, more sustainable supplies

As the regulatory standards developed at international, national, and industry level become more stringent, it can be challenging to meet your safety and sustainability goals.

iQMark™ is a Videojet supplies brand that helps customers identify the inks and fluids that best match those goals, helping protect the environment and staff alike.

With more than 30 ink formulations available, iQMark supplies are responsibly designed and manufactured, with MEK-free, methanol-free, and CMR-free options available. Recyclable cartridge components help reduce waste, while all our ink shipping cartons are made from sustainably harvested trees.

Every batch is tested to help ensure compliance with strict quality control specifications, and is designed to maximize contrast, adhesion, and uptime. The right ink can reduce make-up consumption by 50%, reducing printer touches and employee exposure.

Additionally, Videojet ink development experts consistently add products to the comprehensive iQMark range through enhanced research and product development initiatives.

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The benefits of iQMark

iQMark inks and fluids are genuine Videojet-manufactured supplies and include special formulations to meet specific customer social responsibility goals.

Depending on the ink type, typical benefits include:

  • No CMRs, lower toxicity
  • No MEK, no methanol
  • Lower make-up consumption
  • Less plastic waste
  • Fewer printer touches
  • Lower volatile organic chemical (VOC) emissions
  • Lower ozone depletion
  • Lower employee VOC exposure
  • Low odor

Setting the gold standard in ink purity, performance, reliability & customer service

Our ink cartridges are as sustainable as possible, with recyclable components


Download the infographic and find out more about our safer, more sustainable iQMark inks

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