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Smart printing made simple!

Reduce operator printer interactions
and potential user errors

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Reduce operator interactions

The new SIMPLICiTY™ Interface greatly reduces operator
printer interactions to help eliminate potential user error
through an intuitive, tablet-inspired, 10” touchscreen




Customize your interface
with built-in wizards

Built-in wizards allow you to customize your 1860 printer
interface, helping to ensure your operators only see the
options they need. Error-proofing rules help to greatly
reduce printer interactions, and step-by-step embedded
video instruction guides the operator through routine
tasks to make the job creation quick and simple.



Improved Code Assurance

Reduce the potential for operators to make mistakes,
such as incorrect data entry, through the intelligent
message creation functionality of the 1860. The
advanced Code Assurance capabilities of the 1860
brings manual intervention close to zero, allowing the
operator to focus on production.