The Videojet 1280 Continuous Inkjet Printer


Usability made easy

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Simple to use and maintain

Identify printer status, fluid levels, and what you are printing at a glance with our
intuitive SIMPLICiTY™ touchscreen interface.

* 1280 Service Module vs legacy Videojet model

Easy to operate

You don’t need expertise to manage the day-to-day CIJ operations,
be it code management or changing supplies.

SIMPLICiTY, our tablet-inspired 8” intuitive touchscreen interface, greatly reduces operator printer interactions to help eliminate potential user errors

No need to be a CIJ expert, or order a service call for standard maintenance. Only 5 minutes of user-performed annual preventive maintenance required **.

** Every year, or when the printer reaches 3,000 hours, whichever comes first.

Easy to maintain

Production capacity can be lost due to disruptive
unplanned downtime or time-consuming maintenance.

Help eliminate nasty surprises with predictable preventive maintenance, making planning and aligning to budget cycles a simple process.

Modular printhead design makes the most common replacements quick and simple.

The 1280 includes on-board, easy to understand ‘How to’ videos to guide you through basic tasks without extensive training.

Our no mess, no waste, no mistake Videojet Smart Cartridge™ system drains all fluids from the cartridge, and offers additional protection against leakage during transport and handling. Combined with the ease of service Videojet SmartCell™ design, there is no hazardous waste to worry about, helping to simplify routine maintenance.