Customer Service FAQ

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How do I purchase products on-line?

You can purchase products on-line at
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Where do I send my payments?

Videojet Technologies Incu000b
12113 Collection Center Dr.u000b
Chicago, IL 60693
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How do I contact Customer Service?

Phone: 1.800.843.3610
Fax: 1.800.582.1343
6:30AM to 6:00PM CST Monday thru Friday
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How do I locate/contact a sales person or Distributor in my area?

You locate/contact a Videojet sales person or Distributor in your area using the Sales and Distributor Locator.
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What is Videojet’s correspondence address?

Videojet Technologies Incu000b
1500 N. Mittel Blvdu000b
Wood Dale, IL 60191-1073
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How do I request copy of my Invoice / Credit memo?

Please email: or call 1-800-843-3610 option 5.
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How do I process a return?

Please email: or call 1-800-843-3610.
Note: RMA number is required for ALL returns.
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How do I register for online ordering?

You must be an existing Videojet customer to register for on-line ordering, please have your customer number available when registering. Click here to register.
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What are the benefits for online registration?

No wait time, order 24/7. You can also check your order status, order history and payments.
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Contact Us

Mobile (UAE only):

+971 800 03 210 37

Mobile (International and Whatsapp):

+971 50 127 8532