UV Laser Marking Machines

Protect Your Brand and Ensure Traceability with Videojet’s UV Laser Marking Equipment

High-contrast coding and marking are essential elements in the pharmaceutical, medical, and cosmetic industries. Videojet’s UV laser marking equipment delivers a superior solution, helping you deter tampering and counterfeiting while ensuring lifetime brand protection and traceability.

Our advanced UV laser marking systems create permanent, high-grade readable codes on a variety of materials, regardless of product positioning. This ensures consistent readability for vision systems, a critical element of the pharmaceutical packaging line.

Here’s how Videojet’s UV laser marking equipment empowers your operations:

  • Unmatched Readability: Achieve crisp, high-contrast codes that meet the most stringent quality requirements for optimal vision system performance.
  • Enhanced Brand Protection: Deter counterfeiting and tampering with permanent, tamper-evident marks.
  • Lifetime Traceability: Track your products throughout their lifecycle with clear, durable codes.
  • Material Versatility: Mark directly onto a wide range of materials commonly used in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and cosmetics.

Videojet, a global leader in UV laser marking technology, provides a comprehensive solution to meet your specific needs.

Videojet 7810 UV Laser

  • 2-Watt Ultraviolet wavelength laser marking
  • Permanent, high contrast marks on HDPE/LDPE and DuPontTM Tyvek® packaging
  • Marks up to 250 products per minute with no code distortion on rotary devices

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