High-Performance CO2 Laser Marking Systems

Advanced CO2 Laser Technology for Industrial Marking

As production targets become more demanding, manufacturers require efficient and simplified laser marking solutions to maintain high-quality code printing on their products. Videojet’s high-performance CO2 laser marking systems offer superior code quality, making them ideal for various substrates. These systems are designed to accommodate increased line speeds, ensuring consistent and precise marking. With their seamless integration capabilities, Videojet’s CO2 laser marking systems are suitable for virtually any application.

Videojet 3350 CO2 Laser

  • Maximum performance and extended laser source life expectancy up to 45,000 hours through optimized total power output
  • High-speed marking capability prints up to 2,000 characters per second of text, bar codes, graphics, and other information
  • Reduced manual intervention with Smart Focus marking head that delivers automated marking features
  • High-resolution marking head delivers high-quality and permanent codes to support product traceability and anti-counterfeiting
  • Multiple marking heads and wavelengths provide the flexibility to code a wide range of materials

Videojet 3640 CO2 Laser

  • 60W CO2 laser marking with optional CLARiTY™ touchscreen controller, engineered to minimise coding mistakes
  • Fastest laser marking system with mark speed capability of up to 2,100 characters per second
  • High-speed serialisation for pharmaceutical and tobacco applications, delivering unique and serialised codes at high production speeds
  • Widest marking field reduces the number of lasers that are required to cover multi-lane / wide web applications, reducing investment and running cost

Videojet 3140 CO2 Laser

  • 10W CO2 laser marking with CLARiTY™ touchscreen controller, engineered to minimize coding mistakes
  • High performance delivers crisp codes on moderate line speed applications
  • Line set-up wizard aids fast product changeovers, maximizing uptime
  • Virtually no maintenance and limited consumables

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