Light Duty Continuous Inkjet Printers

Continuous Inkjet Printers for Light Duty Marking and Coding Applications

Single-shift operations running 5 days per week can benefit from coding systems that offer high-quality print with features such as programmed date and time advance, real-time variable information and automatic maintenance procedures to keep the system in optimal printing condition. Videojet continuous inkjet printers offer everything from a basic single-line code to multi-line messaging with automated features.

Videojet 1040

  • Ideal for basic inkjet marking production needs
  • Maximum line speed: 130 m/min (426.5ft/min)

Videojet 1280 Continuous Inkjet Printer

  • Easy to operate 8” tablet-inspired touchscreen display with SIMPLICiTY™ interface
  • Achieve stable performance and reliability across a broad range of operating conditions with the proven Videojet printhead and fluid systems
  • One, easy-to-replace Videojet SmartCell™ service module
  • All basic I/O ports included

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Videojet 1580 Continuous Inkjet Printer