Videojet 9560 High-Speed Labeling System

Print and Apply Labeler

Transform Your Production Line with the Videojet 9560 High-Speed Labeling System

Designed for the modern pace of high-speed labeling system with industry-proven technology delivering consistent reliability and effortless operation. Without the need for plant air and complex setups, this advanced system offers a straightforward user interface and state-of-the-art Wi-Fi connectivity to streamline your end-of-line processes with unmatched simplicity and efficiency.

  • Precise and automatic control of the entire system thanks to patented Intelligent Motion™ technology.
  • Eliminates label jams for mainstream top or side applications with the industry’s foremost high-speed labeling system utilizing direct apply technology.
  • Seamless connectivity with warehouse management systems and advanced emulation capabilities.
  • A user interface that delivers a single point of set-up and control for the whole machine.

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Application MethodDirect Apply (standard) with Intelligent MotionTM Label Drive
Optional applicators: Front of Pack, Rear Corner Wrap, and Telescopic Tamp
Print TechnologyThermal Transfer printing with Intelligent MotionTM Ribbon Drive and Direct Thermal 53mm, 107mm, and 160mm printhead versions
Ribbon WidthMinimum 2.2” (55mm), 3.0” (76mm), 4.3” (110mm) (standard) and 6.4″ (162mm) / Up to 830m
Print Resolution300dpi (200dpi in emulation mode)
Print Speed/
<4” label width up to 500mm/sec in standard mode and up to 750mm/sec in high speed mode
>4” label width up to 400mm/sec in standard mode up to 150 packs/minute with a 4”x6” label dependent on label size and application
EmulationsZPL, SBPL
Label Width/Length/CapacityWidth/length: 1.6” to 6.5” / 2.0” to 11.8” (40 to165mm / 50 to 300mm)
Up to 400mm spool diameter (typically delivers over 9000 typical GS1 bar code labels per roll)
InterfaceCLARiTYTM Controller with interactive on-board video tutorials
ConnectivityEthernet, RS232, Configurable I/O (24V, PNP and volt free) and USB
CertificationCE and TÜV

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Experience the evolution of the industry’s proven Direct Apply Labeling system

  • Eliminate label jams for common top or side labeling applications
  • Up to 150 packs per minute (label size dependent) without the use of a tamp applicator
  • Maintain throughput, even when the packs are accumulated
  • No compressed air needed, eliminating both the installation cost and the ongoing running costs

Remove end-of-line inefficiencies and costs in your labeling operations

  • Patented Intelligent Motion™ technology delivers automatic control of the system and eliminates the added parts and adjustments that can make other labeling machines fail
  • A direct drive controls label speed and position without clutches, rollers or adjustments
  • Electronic supply reel automatically adjusts and maintains tension irrespective of speed and label size from start to end of reel
  • Printhead pressure is automatically regulated to help ensure optimum print quality and printhead life
  • Precise ribbon control enables a clutch-less ribbon drive and ribbon save mode

Seamless connectivity and compatibility

  • Switch to the 9560 without having to re-build previous job files and get up and running fast
  • Simple and fast integration with OEM Packaging systems
  • Includes embedded Wi-Fi for secure remote access and analytical capabilities
  • The 9560 intelligent emulation capabilities include EtherNet/IP™, PROFINET®, Zebra, SATO and CoLOS protocols

Simple, efficient user interface, reducing risk of operator error

  • Only one simple 8-inch user interface for easy control
  • Onboard support videos guide the operator through routine maintenance tasks
  • Reduce operator intervention with rapid job selection using bar code scanner
  • Flexibility to position screens remotely
  • Ability to access the interface on a connected network, including via mobile devices





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Videojet 9560

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Videojet 9560
DescriptionApplies pre-printed adhesive labels to a wide variety of products in low to medium duty production environments.Print and apply label technology featuring tamp, front-of-pack, and corner-wrap applicator to meet various production needs.
Printing technologyN/AThermal Transfer with 53mm, 107mm, and 160mm printhead versions
ThroughputUp to 150 packs per minute
Max Line Speed30m/min
Minimum Label Size (Width x Length)12 x 12mm40 x 50mm
Maximum Label Size (Width x Length )104 x 500mm165 x 500mm
CapacityUp to 300mm spool diameter (optional 400 mm)Up to 400mm spool diameter (typically delivers over 9000 typical GS1 bar code labels per roll)

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