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NEW IP-Rated Videojet DataFlex® Plus Thermal Transfer Overprinter Provides Protection In Harsh Environments

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WOOD DALE, Ill. (USA) — January 13, 2009 — The Videojet DataFlex® Plus thermal transfer overprinter (TTO) from Videojet Technologies Inc. is now available with an Ingress Protection (IP) rating for the 53mm printer width version. The IP-rated DataFlex Plus version offers an IP65-rated printer unit and an IP55-rated graphical user interface (GUI) control unit that provides protection against dust and water ingress, making it ideally suited to hygienic packaging applications, such as those found in meat processing plants.

Prior to cleaning, a line operator simply replaces the standard ribbon cassette of the IP-rated DataFlex Plus printer unit with the IP-rated cassette. By performing this simple task, the printer does not have to be removed from the production line or protected with a sheet during cleaning and washdown routines, saving time on pre-cleaning preparation and post-cleaning reinstallation and setup. The printer’s RS232, Ethernet, digital I/O and USB connections also are IP65-rated.

“The GUI control unit is now IP55-rated to enable operation in harsh environments, eliminating the need for additional bulky and cumbersome IP-rated enclosures,” says Andy Millar, Videojet TTO product manager. “These additional enclosures are often accidentally left open by operators during the cleaning process, which leads to control unit damage and costly repairs. The IP55-rating of the DataFlex Plus GUI eliminates this issue, as it is a sealed unit. “

Another key feature of the DataFlex Plus is a patented direct-drive ribbon technology with no wearable parts that increases reliability and minimizes downtime and costs associated with ribbon breaks. The 1,000-meter ribbon capacity is one of the longest standard lengths on the market, so there are less frequent changes and higher production line efficiencies. Additionally, the unit features the simplest ribbon cassette in the industry, making changeovers fast, easy and virtually fail-safe.

The bi-directional ribbon drive allows unused ribbon to be recaptured following each print, maintaining a 0.5 mm gap between prints to create more prints per roll and ensuring the highest efficiency. The patented ribbon drive allows printing as slow as zero mm per second and as fast as 1,000 mm per second in continuous applications, without degradation of print quality or printer performance.

The DataFlex Plus has the built-in capability to change between intermittent and continuous modes in right-hand or left-hand operation. Serial, Ethernet and USB communications are standard, delivering the most comprehensive communications package in the industry. An intuitive 8.4-inch SVGA graphical user interface with color touchscreen features easy-to-learn, icon-based controls.

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