Permanently Mark Your Stainless Steel with Videojet Laser Marking Systems

Stainless Steel Laser Marking: Permanent Solutions for Critical Industries

Stainless steel laser marking has become an essential tool in industries like aerospace, automotive, and medical device production. These sectors rely heavily on traceability and authentication of individual parts and devices, making permanent marking crucial.

High-Speed Marking for Industrial Production

Stainless steel laser marking allows for engraving codes on parts and products at speeds ideal for modern production lines. Many systems reach speeds of up to 900 meters per minute. Laser beams precisely mark products as they move, maximizing productivity. This process creates permanent codes, ensuring identification throughout the entire product lifecycle.

The Permanent Advantage of Laser Marking

Unlike fading inkjet or thermal transfer codes, laser marking offers the only reliable method for permanent marking on stainless steel.  With the growing importance of part and product traceability, permanence becomes paramount.

The laser marking process modifies targeted areas of the stainless steel surface, creating a highly visible and permanent code directly in the material. This eliminates the risk of important identification information becoming blurred or obscured during or after application.

Fiber Lasers: The Preferred Choice for Stainless Steel

Fiber laser marking machines are the industry standard for placing critical marks on stainless steel.  These systems mark codes and data directly onto parts or stainless steel plates attached to larger products. Codes can include numbers, alphanumeric text, 2D data matrix codes, or conventional barcodes.

Fiber lasers offer several advantages:

  • Compact size compared to gas lasers of similar power.
  • High peak power and nanosecond pulses for superior engraving results.
  • Cleaner cut edges and faster marking speeds.
Videojet Fiber Laser Marking Solutions

Specifically designed for marking on stainless steel, aluminum, and high-density plastics, Videojet’s 7340 and 7440 fiber lasers deliver permanent, traceable, and readable codes, ensuring quality and compliance throughout your production process.

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