Printing on glass with Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Printers

Inkjet on Glass: Achieve Durable Codes with Videojet CIJ Printers

Tired of unreliable printing on glass? Videojet offers a comprehensive solution for inkjet on glass applications with over 340 unique inks designed for CIJ printers.

Unmatched Inkjet on Glass Performance:

Our inks address the specific challenges of inkjet on glass, ensuring your codes remain crisp, readable, and durable:

  • Penetrate Condensation: Videojet V420 and V528 inks effortlessly penetrate condensation on glass surfaces, perfect for beverage bottles.
  • Withstand Pasteurization: These inks remain robust throughout the pasteurization process, guaranteeing code integrity.
  • Adhere to Glass: Specially formulated inks, like those ideal for the Videojet 1710 printer, provide exceptional adhesion to glass surfaces.
  • High-Visibility Codes: Opaque pigmented inks create clear, readable codes even on dark colored glass or bottles containing dark liquids.

Beyond Basic Inkjet on Glass:

Videojet CIJ inks cater to diverse glass printing needs:

  • Caustic Removable Inks (V4220 & V483): These inks dissolve in standard cleaning solutions, enabling easy code removal for bottle reuse.
  • Fast Dry Inks (V4201, V4204, etc.): Perfect for high-speed production lines, these inks dry rapidly to prevent smudging.
  • Retort Inks (V476 & V521): Indicate proper retort processing by visibly changing color upon exposure to heat and moisture.

Ideal Applications:

Print a variety of codes directly onto glass with Videojet CIJ printers, including:

  • Date Codes
  • Serial Numbers
  • Barcodes
  • Traceability Information

Compatible Printers:

Achieve superior inkjet on glass results with Videojet CIJ printers like:

Learn More:

Discover the power of CIJ technology for inkjet on glass applications.

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Contact Videojet today to discuss your specific inkjet on glass needs and find the perfect ink and printer combination for your application.

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