About Danaher

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About Danaher

Danaher is a science and technology innovator committed to helping our customers solve complex challenges, and improving quality of life around the world.

Videojet is part of a global family of 30+ operating companies who drive meaningful innovation in some of today’s most dynamic, growing industries. With operating companies based around the world – our groundbreaking businesses operate across four strategic platforms:

  • Product Identification: Delivering innovative equipment for primary and secondary packaging, and leverage colour solutions to improve the quality of products.
  • Water Quality: Providing instrumentation and disinfection systems to help analyse, test and manage the quality of water.
  • Dental: Providing products and equipment that diagnose, treat and prevent disease of the teeth, gums and supporting bone.
  • Life Sciences & Diagnostics: Furthering the work of today’s scientists and medical professionals through innovative research and clinical tools.

We are proud to say that we’re a Fortune 150 company of 59,000 dedicated associates who are Helping Realise Life’s Potential every day by bringing our diverse skills, backgrounds and perspectives together to make a difference.

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One Videojet

  • About the Product Identification Platform
  • Danaher Business System (DBS)

About the Product Identification Platform

Did you know roughly 9 out of 10 products you see on a store shelf were touched by our Product Identification Platform of companies?

As a Videojet associate, you have a unique opportunity to learn and develop your career across all of Danaher’s operating companies, which includes the Product Identification companies. This platform includes Videojet, as well as other global industry-leading companies such as Esko, X-Rite, Pantone, Linx, Alltec/FOBA and Laetus.

The Product Identification Platform brings thousands of major consumer brands and products to market through a unique combination of hardware, software, consumables and services that make up the packaging value chain. With thousands of associates across the globe in over 40 countries, we offer endless career opportunities for professionals that are looking to own their future.

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The Danaher Business System (DBS)

As part of the global Danaher organisation, Videojet is on a never-ending journey of continuous improvement for our customers, products, services, business and associates.

Success at Danaher doesn’t happen by accident. We have a proven system for achieving it. We call it the Danaher Business System (DBS), and it drives every aspect of our culture and performance. We use DBS to guide what we do, measure how well we execute, and create options for doing even better—including improving DBS itself.

In the mid-1980s, a Danaher operating company faced with intensifying competition launched an improvement effort based on the then-new principles of lean manufacturing. The initiative succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations—reinforcing the operating company’s industry leadership and bringing forth the Danaher Business System.

Fueled by Danaher’s core values, the DBS engine drives the company through a never-ending cycle of change and improvement: exceptional PEOPLE develop outstanding PLANS and execute them using world-class tools to construct sustainable PROCESSES, resulting in superior PERFORMANCE. Superior performance and high expectations attract exceptional people, who continue the cycle. Guiding all efforts is a simple philosophy rooted in four customer-facing priorities: Quality, Delivery, Cost, and Innovation.